Directory Opus loads real slow on Bootup

When I boot up my computer....

It will take Directory Opus like 5-10 or more MINUTES.... to load up

Any ideas what is going ?

Check if you have any File Collections with lots of files in them (eg Find Results), and if so try clearing them out.

All I have to do is clear it out once?
And that will be it?

It won't rebuild the collection?

I still don't fully understand how these File Collections work n' stuff


Collections won't get populated unless you do something to populate them. That could be performing a Find, with it set to save the results into a collection (which is normal), or a Duplicate Files search, as well as if you explicitly create a collection and add files to it manually.

If you don't do any of those things then your collections will remain empty.

Q: Isn't a collection just an XML file that lists where the actual files are located?

Q: Doesn't Opus just load the actually file meta data when the collection is actually listed?

Q: Is there something at boot-up that forces Opus to read in these collections?

A: Yes.

A: No.

A: Yes.

It's actually a bug, of sorts - collection meta data is cached for remote files (ftp, networks) but currently not for local files. The design was for this meta data to be read only when needed, but an unrelated change means it is actually read when the program starts up.

The next major version of Opus will fix this.