Directory Opus Metro Icons v2.1 - 500 new toolbar icons!

by Cris van Minnen

An alternative version of my default Opus 10 Toolbar icons in the Windows Metro style!
This is a drop-in replacement for all 250 standard large and small icons (32x32 and 22x22).

Your toolbars will automatically use the icons after installing them:

  • To install the sets, download the zip file and extract the .dis files from inside it.
  • Go to Preferences > Toolbars > Icons, click the Import button and choose the .dis file.
  • Move it to the top of the list, so it takes priority over the other icon-sets you have installed.

Update: V2.1

  • Grey version added (Large and small icons)

Download (black, white, blue and grey set): (323 KB)

Previews (click to enlarge if reduced on your screen):

Black Large

Black Small

White Large

White Small

Blue Large

Blue Small

Grey Large

Grey Small


Now working on the small ones ... The next version will include 250 small icons!

Heh, this is just great. Installing at once when I get back home!!


Update: V2.0

  • Small Icons added!
  • Blue Set added!
  • Large Icons improved

Thanks alot Cris :thumbsup:

Very much appreciated now running Windows 8 RTM so will come in handy!

Very nice. Thanks so much!

Thanks Chris!
Would you add the ones the new Explorer have in the feature releases? (I mean the shallow grey color)

I can't download? :frowning: What's wrong with the link? :question:

The download works fine at least from here.

Sure, I will add a grey version soon. :wink:

Update: V2.1

  • Grey version added (Large and small icons)

Thanks Cris! Beautiful work!

Cris, latest 11 beta has some additional icons which is not in your pack. Give it a try.

Beautiful work!

Yes, I will add those additional icons to my icon-sets soon!

I wanted a 'pink' version of the icons for use with odrive, so I've attached a colour-converted set here. I take no credit whatsoever for them of course!

DOpusMetro-Pink.dis (84.9 KB)

These are my favourite icons for Directory Opus, they look beautiful with a dark theme. Though I do notice many icons are now missing many years later with DO 12 :frowning:

Any chance we could see an updated version with the latest icons?

Huge love and thanks

very good