Directory Opus + Musicmatch Jukebox = Crash

I'm on my last few days of evaluating Opus Unicode on Windows XP SP2.

I've had a couple of blue screen crashes if I have a Directory Opus window open and I open up Musicmatch Jukebox Plus 7.50.1070. I have been changing file type associations around a bit as I decide which app I want to play my WAV, WMA and MP3 files. I suspect this crash could be related to that.

I've used Musicmatch Jukebox for years and it's always been very stable. It has a pretty big user base too.

If someone can tell me where XP stores the error log from a blue screen crash I'll happily post it (if I haven't disabled it of course).


Hi again,

I'm still getting the blue screen of death. It happens quite often when I launch Musicmatch Jukebox by double clicking an MP3 file in Directory Opus. I've found some minidump files and I'll email them to Greg in a minute.


Hi Nick,

This is really outside of the province of Opus I believe. When you Double-Click on a file, Opus just launches the application as defined in the registry with the 'normal' parameters. From that point on it's up to the specific application to handle the file and do what it wants. Opus plays no further part.

Possibly this application is expecting this to come from windows explorer and is making some call-back to the launcher task expecting some interface which is not there and not handling the differences.

I'm afraid you'll have to talk to the developers of that program to find out just what they are doing and what they are expecting.

Upgrade to the latest version and see what happens maybe?