Directory Opus - New User

I`m a new user of Direcory Opus.
I sent a support request to support but have not recieved a reply.
Is this normal practice for support not to reply to requests for help?
Gerry Harris


a) how long ago did you submit the request?
b) are you a trial user?
c) what's the problem? maybe some of us here on the forum can help...

I submitted a help request about a week ago.
I bought the full version, not a trial user.
I`ve solved the problem myself.
Just wondered wether the official support was any use.

What's the tracking number?

I am a new user. First time I`ve tried to sen6 a message to support.

I don`t know what the tracking number is. Should I have one?


Well, when you fill out the support form on the GP Soft website, you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received, along with a tracking number.

Did you actually fill out the support form? Did you specify a valid email address? Have you checked any spam filters, etc?

No, didn`t recieve an email :frowning:
I thought I filled out theform correctly and gave my valid email address.
If ever I try to use the support system again I will carefully check what I am doing :wink: