Directory synchronization - skip file no longer works

This is a new bug introduced about 2 releases ago or so (12.7 perhaps). Here is the scenario. The source file system is NTFS and the destination is FAT32 on a flash drive. There is over 8 GB of space available on the target drive. The source directory contains one big archive that is 4.06 GB. Previously, when I was synchronizing the 2 mentioned directories when it came to the big archive it was copying it normally up to the point when it could no longer write as the file exceeds the FAT32 file system limits. DO displayed an error message (don't remember what it was) and after clinking OK, Skip... something (again don't remember exactly what the button said) it continued to copy the remaining files. All was good except the big file wasn't copied. Then a couple of releases ago the behavior has changed. From that point on I get an error message before the copy of the big file starts saying that there is not enough space on the disk (112). This isn't actually true, because there is over 8 GB of space, but the file exceeds the limits. This isn't a problem. What the problem is that the copy dies at this point. Even if I select "Skip this file" the remaining files are NOT copied. Files are copied that precede the big file, but no subsequent file is copied no matter what I do. This is definitely a bug.

Thanks for the report, we'll fix this in the next update.