DirOpus 4 layout Like the Old Amiga Versions


Being a longtime Amiga user is there a Way to easily Configure DirOpus to Look Like the Default DirOpus 4 layout with Dual Windows and Buttions on the Bottom.



Just turn on Dual Display and, while in Customize mode, drag all the toolbars to the bottom. Pretty much, anyway.

Edit: woopsy, guess I must have had this topic open for a while before clicking submit, didn't see Leo's reply.

Yeah, just enter customize mode via 'Settings->Customize' (or right click on your toolbar with the buttons) and drag the toolbars where you want them. Open a dual pane lister (there's a dual pane button on the default toolbar)... and if you want that to be your DEFAULT lister config, select 'Settings->Set As Default Lister'.

And if you want to get nostalgic, then check the Icons forum - as I think folks may have uploaded some old Amiga looking iconsets...

Thanks for the replies, I'll try that.