DirOpus scanning .exe files?

I have a file server which is ONLY on my local network and I am trying to migrate lots of folders and files from an old drive to a new larger drive. We are talking TBs of data and tens of thousands of files! So, this takes a while.

But the issue I'm running into is that DirOpus halts for a few seconds every time it encounters an EXE file -- and in some cases, it seems to freeze up even to the point that when I have Unattended checked and even go to the trouble to skip a file, it still sits there on a file. This is very annoying.

The PC was running Windows Defender under Win10, but I added a whole bunch of exclusions using PowerShell and that seemed to stop Defender scans. But then, I went to the degree to completely disable Defender using registry entries. So now, it should not be doing any scanning. And there is no other AV on the PC (as I said) it is not connected to the Internet -- I use it internally as a media and file server.

I looked through the DirOpus Help and could find nothing about either enabling or disabling file scanning.

Opus (via Windows) will open exe files to get their icons.

It a column like Description is turned on, or some other column or label which requires inspecting file contents, that would also causes exe files (and most other types) to be opened.

Neither should take long, but they can take a long time if they trigger antivirus software to scan the files. Windows Defender is exceptionally poor in this regard (not just taking a long time when something merely gets an icon, but not caching the scan result and taking a long time the next time the same file is inspected).

The virus scanner(s) on both the client and the server may be involved, and sometimes it's hard to fully disable them.

Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... may help if it's due to getting icons from the files.

I determined that the problem actually was Windows Defender. I did not realize that MS turns it back on even if you have disabled it. So, I saved a shortcut to the registry file to disable it, and after I run that, there is no more pausing for EXE files. So, it was not DirOpus after all.


Try temporarily disabling "real-time protection" instead for these situations- under "virus and threat protection"
I have to do this every time I download and "install" Nirsoft Utilities

Sorry did not reply earlier but forgot about this ...

Encountered it again today trying to copy files from one drive to another -- and checked Defender to confirm that this was disabled.

Had to go into Exclusions script and add target drive and folders. After I did that, DirIOpus quit pausing on every .exe file and I got no more notifications from Defender.