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Disable Control Mouse Wheel Zoom

Hello All
Is it possible to disable the mouse wheel zoom when pressing the control key? I find this behavior annoying with the free wheeling mouse that I have. Firefox, Thunderbird and UltraEdit also have this feature but they allow it to be turned off but I could not find a similar setting in Dopus.



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I actually find that on my lenovo laptop, I am frequently unintentionally triggering some sort of two-finger touchpad maneuver that triggers this in all apps. It seems to happen alot more often in Opera for some reason - though I don't expect one app should be more sensitive than another (sensitivity should be a system-wide thing I'd think).

I don't believe there's an option to disable this in Opus - though I could be wrong. I suppose it would be sensible for such an option - though personally, it's irritating enough to me on the laptop that I've gone and disabled the "pinch zoom" feature on the UltraNav mouse control panel to stop it constantly interfering in my work. I know you're using a REAL mouse and have a different problem, but do you find that you DO in fact want to use the Ctrl wheel in other circumstances? If not, maybe there's some systemic you can disable?

Completely agree, it's rather annoying exactly due to the free wheeling mouse when the wheel is still spinning a bit when you press Control for some other command.
It's a pity after so many years there is still no built-in option (preferably an option with different behavior for different parts, e.g. disable zoom in the lister, but leave it enabled in viewr pane or picture preview), but just in case someone else might want to fix it there is a simple AutoHotkey command that allows you to disable Ctrl+Wheel while inside a lister.
You can still zoom in a separate picture view frame, though not in the Viewer Pane as it's still the same lister window (it might be possible to leave zoome enabled with a more complicated script, but I'm not using the Viewer Pane to view pics, so didn't look into it)

#If WinActive("ahk_class dopus.lister") ; only in Opus Lister
	^WheelUp::return ; Disable zoom in
	^WheelDown::return ; Disable zoom out