Disable dopus file handler

Is it possible to turn off the dopus file handler for copying and moving files and instead allow it to use the windows native handler?

The reason I ask is because I have discovered that the dopus (and tera copy) handlers cause access denied issues when attempting to copy files into a shared folder on my PCloud drive.

The transfer is ok when copying to a standard folder on PCloud, but when copying to a shared folder dopus (and tera copy) randomly stop with access denied or uac prompts.

Copying the exact same way in explorer has no such issues.

You can use this:

But if the problem affects both Opus and TeraCopy, it's also going to affect a lot of other software, and shows that PCloud (or some other involved component like antivirus) only works and is only tested with one very specific way of writing data to the device. It should either be fixed or replaced, as it won't be reliable, rather than changing all your other software.

Thanks for the quick response.

I'm going to notify PCloud of the issue as well. It only affects shared folders inside a PCloud, so they must be doing some special to move the files into the shared users account.

In the meantime changing the copy handler to windows explorer will prevent the problem.

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