Disable drag & drop in folder tree

In File Display there is an option to disable drag & drop without a qualifier key.
Is there a way to disable it in Folder Tree too ?

I don't think there is currently.

Since this time, are there any ways to do this? It seems kind of a basic little feature but it can save lots of trouble when using the mouse to browse folders.

You could turn off drag & drop without a qualifier held down everywhere by editing Settings > File Types > All Files and Folders > Events > Drag and Drop.

Thanks - could you write an example? I can't seem to find the command to make this happen.

Which part can't you find? If you don't have a Settings menu due to custom toolbars, there are other ways to get to it, but I don't know if that's where you got lost or somewhere else.

I meant the action within the setting.

There shouldn't be any action at all if you don't want it to do anything. Delete the existing action.

Note that your screenshot shows "All Folders", not "All Files and Folders".

Thanks! This works now.

To note, I was rather confused of what happens because DO doesn't handle this very well IMO. So what happens in this case is that on the UI in terms of d&d everything "resets".

For me, this option is unchecked:


Accordingly, on d&d a disabled cursor appears:


Now when the actions are removed as above, the tooltips come back - the drag&drop tooltips appear as per the default setting (d&d for copy, +shift to move)


The operation doesn't have any effect as expected, but I think this is really confusing. I think this should be improved on in the future.

The tooltip will be wrong as this isn't something we designed for, but you'll be safe from accidental drag and drops, which is the main thing.

We've made a change for the next update so that the deleted drag & drop event will be noticed and tooltip will be correct in this configuration.