Disable showing the real file size of softlinks?

Hi. Although I appreciate the convenience of being able to see the size of the file linked-to by a soft-link, I often sort my lists by size to put all the soft-links at the top or bottom of the list. Is there a way to disable showing the real size of the soft-link, and instead show 0, just as windows does? Alternatively, is there a way to sort a folder so that all the soft-links rise to the top of the list? (Or hide/showOnly all the soft links?) Thanks.

There isn't currently a way to show zero for their sizes.

The Type, Target and Description columns will all show extra information about symbolic links, which can help to locate or sort by them. (Some of the information is also displayed for things like shortcuts and junctions, however, so it depends how strict you need that sorting to be.)

A script column could be written which shows a Yes/No column you could sort or group by, which might be the most ideal thing.

Find and Select/Hide filters can match (or not-match) Junctions and Links as a file type criteria. That would include junctions as well as symbolic links, but may be useful. That won't get you realtime filtering, though; only at the click of a button. (In other words, you'd click a button to find or hide things, but if new things appeared then you'd need to click the button again to update things, unlike filtering by filename in the Filter Bar.)