Disabling double click to inline-rename filenames

Is there a way to completely disable entering inline file renaming mode with the use of the mouse?

This is one of the most annoying things in windows explorer and still the only thing I have not found how to disable in dopus.

Every single day, I get into this place where I'm not quite sure if clicking on a file already highlighted will open it, or edit its name, and it's tiring... I only want F2 to enable inline file rename mode.

I've got v11, so if its not yet possible to do so.... consider this a feature request . :slight_smile:

(I found a preference on how to change WHAT to edit when entering inline edit on mouse click, but not how to ignore the mouse click itself !)

Thanks in advance, I know you guys are working hard... I be a dev myself, and very little software gets on my a-list, and dopus definitely is on the top of that list.

PS: sorry if this question has been asked before, but I have looked around and did not find anything specific to my question

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Do you have Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Single click to open an item (point to select - does not apply to Power mode) turned on?

nope, using double click to open.

basically sometimes when I really want to open something on a double click am I'm a bit slow on the second click, or I inadvertently click an already selected file, it will start inline rename.. argh.

I really never want mouse clicking to launch inline rename. Only pressing F2 (or any shortcut, if user wants to change it, obviously)...

I'm thinking that in the preference which allows us to choose which part of the filename to select for edit when clicking , there should be an additional menu item which says, "Do NOT enter inline rename on mouse click", does this seem like its doable?

So the problem is that you're triggering a single-clicking instead of double-clicking sometimes, due to not clicking fast enough?

Increasing the system double-click time would solve that.

(With the prefs option I mentioned off, single-click would never open a file, and double-click would never enter inline rename, even if the file is already selected. Inline rename happens if you click on a selected file, then don't click again within the double-click time.)

Could we just completely eradicate this inline rename altogether?
I don't see why it exists despite people not wanting it. I almost renamed my C drive because of this horrible feature.

It needs to rename something when the user explicitly commands a rename. Not from assuming gestures. I shouldn't have to pussyfoot my mouse cursor around everywhere to make sure I don't damage something. I even have disallowed file drag and drop to mitigate misclick tragedies, which have threatened me way too many times for comfort.

Power Mode lets you reconfigure the mouse buttons, including disabling inline rename.

Other modes use the standard Windows behaviors most people should be used to from File Explorer and hundreds of other applications.

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Well I found this in the advance settings. That seems to have done it:

I changed it to what it is. Something false that had to be put down.
I just took out the trash.

Thanks for all your help. :heartpulse: