Disabling thumbnail generation on a per folder/file type basis


Whilst in thumbnail mode, I was wondering if there was a way to prevent Opus from generating thumbnails in specific folders or for specific file types.

Up until now, i've organized some of my files by creating shortcuts and grouping them into folders, and then changed the icons of each respective shortcut with custom .ico files. For shortcuts of executables or folders, this isn't an issue.
For shortcuts of images, however, Opus generates a thumbnail of the image the shortcut links to instead of using the shortcut's icon itself. I feel like the solution to this might be either to disable Opus' thumbnail generation or somehow get Opus to prefer the file thumbnails Windows generates.

Thus, it'd would be nice if there was a way to stop Opus from generating thumbnails either within specified folders or for certain file types like .lnk. Sorry for the extremely specific request but it's just a minor issue that's been bothering me (and probably only me) for a bit, and I couldn't find anything on thumbnail generation.

In a future version we'll change it so .lnk files that specify a custom icon show that icon as their thumbnails, instead of the thing they point to.

That makes sense to me, and is consistent with what File Explorer does. If you've specified an icon for the shortcut, it makes sense to use it.

Thanks for the response!

That change would definitely solve this particular issue, and seems like a more straightforward solution than disabling thumbnail generation all together.
I just found it odd that this issue only happened with image files and not executables or folders; I figured that it might be related to how Opus chooses its thumbnails for files. Hopefully that's not too important.

I had a similar request, except it would involve whitelists/blacklists.

Right now DOpus is always building a thumbnail from anything that resembles a picture file. I would prefer a feature like XnView, which allows to make a list of (recursive) folders allowed to cache thumbnails. Other folders would still generate thumbnails but not save them.

This thread is about stopping thumbnail generation entirely, not whether things are cached or not.

In terms of caching control, there are options for which types of drives thumbnails should be cached on (local, removable, etc.), but nothing as granular as per-folder. What is your aim/motivation there? Speed, disk space or privacy?

It's primarily about customization, to control disk space and performance. I have a growing thumbnail index which borders around 4 GB, and my SSD is not extensible. Some photo libraries are more important than others and I'd prefer to cache the ones I work the most with instead of every thing that Opus encounters.

What happens when the max cache size is reached? Does Opus start making room in the DB by erasing older thumbnails?

Yes, it's done by date. You may not even notice it's happening, especially with how fast multi-core CPUs gen re-generate thumbnails these days.