Disappearing drive label (in folder tree)

For several versions now, drive labels regularly disappear in the folder tree. No idea when exactly, but I'm thinking it may have something to do with having different monitors and a TV in different resolutions, and switching between them. It's always one or the other non-system drive. Never both, and never C: (that i can recall).

I edited this image because it came back again, but this is what it looks like:

Bug - hddlabel

Folder display is fine.

The monitor / resolutions would not affect it.

It could happen if the drive (or something else in the system) is generating spurious "label changed" events or similar or, maybe more likely, if the cable connecting the drive is loose or has a bad connection and the drive is sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting a moment later.

Is it still blank if you close the window and open a new one?

Definitely nothing like that, it wasn't Dr Frankenstein who built this system. As you can see (on the right) the drive does not disappear, just the label in the tree.

Will make sure next time, but i believe it stays blank. Doesn't come back on its own very easily except after reboot. Only reappeared this time because i changed the folder tree contents in settings.

The label ultimately comes from Windows so it's very strange if it's appearing in one place and not the other, even when a new window is opened. That would suggest one API stops returning the label while other APIs continue to return it. I'm not sure what could cause that, other than antivirus doing something strange.

(If it doesn't stay gone when a new window is opened, then it's more likely something triggering drive/label changed events.)

Does not carry over to new lister.

For a while it was doing fine in an almost empty lister. But as i'm having many tabs open again, the first drive label always seems to be invisible. Have a Dual Vertical window open now and the label is gone on the left, but visible on the right. No change when switching to Dual Horizontal or Single view. No change pressing F5 in the tree. Also no change when a tab (and accompanying folder tree) repopulates itself when switching to it - as it had not been opened yet after today's reboot. Maybe that's got something to do with it?

My previous theory still seems the most likely explanation to me. The drive, or something on the system, is generating "label changed" or "drive changed" events which Opus responds to by asking for the new label, and the drive / OS sometimes doesn't return any label for some reason (maybe it's reconnecting and not quite ready yet, which would tie in to the events being generated).

Why it's happening, I could only guess. We could give you a test version that reports when the label changed events happen, and what the API says the label is each time the API is called, which might confirm or disprove my theory. But if the theory was confirmed, it wouldn't tell us what the cause was.

Have you had a look in Event Viewer to see if there's any mention of the drive (or related devices like the SATA controller its attached to) having errors or being reconnected around the times the problem is seen?

Only a few disk errors in system logs from using a card reader. None of the fixed drives.

I don't think it happens at random, just when opus restores a window with many tabs at system startup.

Also, i recently changed the folder tree contents to show the Library instead of User folder. But it never shows on its own after startup. It only appears when i go there manually via 'Desktop' which is the top level folder. The same for Collections. They're checked, but not showing after startup.