Disappearing Favorites

Greetings all, it’s been a very long time since I've poked my nose in here. I'm having a bit of a problem configuring Favorites in Opus 13.

My older favorites configured in Opus 12 display and work as expected. However, most of the new favorite folders I've added to favorites in Opus 13 do not show at all when I exit favorites edit mode. If I put the new favorite branches at the very top of the favorites list, then they show. If I move them down the favorites list they only show a small blank box instead of favorite folders when I hover over them.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Could you show us screenshots of how the favorites look in Preferences vs the end result?

Sure can Leo,

Attached are 3 screenshots.

#1 Shows my favorites in edit mode. I have two favorite entries for Visual Studio Code, one at the top of the favorites list, the other at the bottom.

Screenshots 2 and 3 show my favorites after I have exited the favorites edit mode. #2 shows the upper Visual Studio Code favorite folders and #3 shows the lower Visual Studio Code what should be my favorite folders but is a blank instead.

Note I don’t normally have two entries for Visual Studio Code, the second entry I added for testing purposes.

In Opus, could you please locate /dopusdata/ConfigFiles/favorites.ofv and zip/send it to either Leo or myself via PM? Thanks!

Just zipped and sent it to you Jon.


Are you on the latest version? There was an issue which we fixed relating to branches containing colons and oath separators in their names, which might be what you're seeing.

I've been using Opus 13.1 Leo (didn’t know about the latest releases). Just checked and I see there are a couple newer releases since 13.1

Downloading 13.3 now, will report back shortly.

Thanks Leo

It may be as simple as that, your favorites file seems to work ok here:

Looks like the problem has been solved in the latest update, thanks guys! :grinning: