It is difficult to express my disappointment with the new version [11]. I was happily using version 9, which I had customized; but when I upgraded, you threw all of my customization work in the trash. I don't remember what I had, much less how to recreate it; what I needed was just there when I needed it. Although it was a couple of months ago that I upgraded, can you tell me how to recover the version that worked? Which folders and files do I need to recover from my backups?

Or do you have a utility that will convert my settings to the new version?

There is a second problem. When I open a two-panel lister, all of the tabs in the left panel are gone. This is some sort of intermittent problem. It happens when I first start Opus. If I quit and restart Opus, my tabs reappear. This has happened twice.

You have a very nice, very sophisticated product; but my number one rule for quality is "Never lose the customer's data".

Question: Did you ever make a configuration backup as outlined on page 21 of the DOpus 9 manual?

Please see the FAQ: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade