Display Settings Change in Windows 7

System: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit operating system.
Opus 9 version

Under Preferences > Display, I set my fonts to Segoe IU 10 for folders and files and Segoe IU 9 for all others (e.g., headers). When I boot up for the first time, the display is correct (Segoe IU 10 and 9).

However, after a while the display switches to Segoe IU 7 for folders and files and Segoe IU 6 for all others. It does this without my intervention.

Yesterday, after the display switched to Segoe IU 7 and 6, I reset the display to Segoe IU 10 and 9 and for the rest of the session it remained at Segoe IU 10 and 9.

Today I booted up, and now the display appears as Segoe IU 15 for folders and files and 14 for all others. Perhaps after a while it'll swich over to Segoe IU 10 and 9.

Anybody else have this experience?

Is your OS set to high DPI?

(To check, right-click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution, then click Make text and other items larger or smaller. If it's set to anything other than 100% then you are using a high-DPI mode.)

There is a bug in Windows 7 where, on high-DPI machines, it sometimes launches Opus as high-DPI-aware and sometimes launches it as high-DPI-unaware. This means that, on high-DPI machines, sometimes the Opus UI is scaled and sometimes it isn't.

If it is that issue then a workaround is being developed as it does not seem that Microsoft are going to fix it themselves (unless they left it until SP1, which is about to come out).