Displaying offline directories?

From the german forums: a guy is asking, why it is not possible anymore to view drives, that have been turned off.

Until version he was able to have the items keeping displayed, even after a external drive (Firewire or USB) has been turned off (maybe for saving energy, some drives have that feature built in). More recent versions are showing an empty tab instead. He´d like to know, if it is possible to reenable this function.

Does Explorer (or a DOS prompt) do the same thing?

AFAIK, Opus just asks Windows for the directory listing. That would normally cause the drive to spin-up if it was off at the time.

(Off drives -- as in one which have turned off for powersaving -- aren't the same as offline network drives, though, if that's what we're talking about instead.)

It clearly sounded like if it´s some special property of Opus only, so i assume that neither of them could do that. Obviously Opus kept the content in its cache, so as long as it wasn´t updated (which explorer would perhaps do instantly & lose the display of the files), he could still peek at the contents of the offline drive, that´s what he found particularly handy. I could ask him, though.

Also he meant drives, that are switched off (maybe manually), but not offline network drives, since he mentioned firewire & USB.