Displays 3D Objects instead of username

Instead of showing the folder C:\Users\<username>, it displays 3D Objects in its place.


This happens even in copying and moving operations.

Why does it not show <username> and show 3D Objects.

It does work properly when I browse the folder and even the move operation works properly as it does move from <username> ... but displays 3D Objects instead of <username>.

What are you actually doing there? What's being moved from where to where? (As in what was selected and then clicked to start the operation.)

Select folder Outlook shown in above image and moved to external drive K: using context menu.

I think it has nothing to do with Move operation. When I Grouped by Size to check the usage of my drive, the folder was shown as follows.


I have a button for Get Sizes on my toolbar and when I clicked that to refresh the sizes, it too showed Getting sizes for 3D Objects.

So everywhere it uses 3D Objects instead of which I have used to log into Windows OS.

I can't really tell what's happening in that screenshot as so much is cropped out of it.

(As an aside: The huge fonts and tiny icons may mean your system DPI is set incorrectly.)

It seems when I tried to send a private message to you with screen image, it did not work properly and it marked post as off-topic by mistake. How do I edit the post to make it normal again.

I use Tahoma 22 point for font so that is fine I think.

And I am attaching a bigger screen image this time around.

I also feel that it is something other than DPI as the 3D Objects is uniformly used whether in file copy, lister display or get sizes display.

When I double click on the 3D Objects to go inside, it shows C:\Users\<username> correctly at top of the lister in the location field.

Are you using Flat View there?

What does File Explorer show as the same folder's name and icon?

File Explorer also shows 3D Objects. But when I navigate to the folder it shows the contents correctly like Directory Opus.

Appears something has happened at Windows level.

Any idea on how to resolve it ?

My guess is the hidden desktop.ini file from the 3D Objects sub-folder has been moved or copied to the parent folder.