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DO 11 Any way to preview MS Publisher *.pub files?

I've checked my DO preferences and associated the .pub extension to the MS Office section of the Active X plugin but had no luck previewing PUB files in the viewer. I just get HEX data.

Is there a way to do this?

Is there a way to have .pub files show in the preview pane in DO 12 as Excel and Word files do?

You may need to ask Microsoft about that. They make MS Publisher and also defined the preview handler API which Outlook, File Explorer and Opus can use. If there is a viewer, they'd know about it.

From a quick search, I found one thread saying there is no previewer for Publisher files:

And another saying there was one, but it's no longer working (at least for the two people in that thread):

If you can get it working in File Explorer's preview pane, it should work in Opus's as well. Beyond that, I don't know, as I don't use Publisher myself.

If there is a previewer and it's just broken, repairing the Publisher install may work. That often fixes Word's previewer, which breaks for a lot of people as well.

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I tried it with Quick View Plus 2020 and with a .pub file created by Microsoft Publisher 2019. And no, no success.