DO 12 Pro throttling uploads

Hi, is it possible to fix an upload throttling issue I'm having with DO 12 Pro? If I use Windows File Explorer to upload the same files I can get upwards of 10Mbs speed increase. I Have a Beyonwiz PVR with Gigabit Ethernet to which I send downloaded YouTube files etc, I use a WiFi extender to connect the computer to the PVR and I find using File Explorer to be much faster, why is that and can it be fixed? I'm not a programmer and I will need to have any technical solution sounded out if that's OK? Thank You

Windows 10 Pro 64

Please see my reply here:

Using Filezilla seems to be very fast, so that will be my goto for now, bookmarking makes it less cumbersome. Any idea when the speed upgrade will come to DO? Thanks

I thought we were talking about normal file copies to network drives, comparing with File Explorer.

FileZilla would normally be used with SFTP or FTP sites. Is that what we're actually talking about?

We don't have an ETA on that change yet.

No, my PVR is on my home WiFi router net. I need OP12 to be faster, but in the meantime I'm going to use Filezilla (which appears to be faster, maybe?) because it has the dual pane view that's not available with File Explorer without faffing around with two instances. DO12 is brilliant for that, which is why I bought it. but it's way too slow. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:

I understand now, thanks.

You could try the buffer size settings if you want to. It can take some experimenting to find the right setup for your particular hardware.