DO Glass-Statusbar not working

Activated Glass-Statusbar (Vista) doesn't work.

Could you post a screenshot of the lister window and the Preferences window as well please?

Did you see a glass status bar before

Is glass enabled on your desktop (e.g. for titlebars)?

Here's a screenshot. Appears on two pc, both Vista, both glass activated (as you can see on screenshot).

You may see that I use a background-image, deactivating image/systemcolor also doesn't change to glass look.

Edit: I used glass look in first/second version of DO 9 and it worked, but I don't know if this appears only since latest DO

The window's maximized by the look of it. From the release notes:

Ah, overseen!

would it be possible to have it as an option to have aero glass on maximized? i think i kinda like it that way more...