DO for Mac?

I may have to purchase a macbook in the near future and the thing that is giving me the greatest anxiety is that DO doesn't have a version that is mac-compatible. ::::

Does anyone know of anything on the iOS ecosystem that is as powerful/flexible/customizable as DO?

It's to the point that if there's nothing like DO, I am going to have to explore creative ways of staying with Windows.

Thank you.

I know of no Mac equivalent. That said, you may want to consider Parallels as an option.


Take a look at the:

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Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestions. Those aren't perfect, but they look reasonably promising.

Path Finder is the most comprehensive file-management software on Mac OS. Which is an utter joke in terms of capabilities when you compare it to DO though in fairness its almost half the price of DO.

Path Finder + Alfred Power Pack + Magnet + Bartender + Keyboard Maestro is a MUST for every Mac Power user.

Get a Apps für sämtliche Aufgaben | Setapp subscription for 9.99 USD per month to get most of those and more.

Wow Path Finder wants money from you every year for updates. GPSoftware is much more generous than that.

Not really, they do offer a perpetual licence.

Not that it effects me as I will never purchase a Mac again but their "license" is for 1 year. After that you are stuck with the last build available at the license expiration. If new features are released or an OS update breaks it I don't even see an option to pay for maintenance or another year of updates.

I am curious as to why would you never buy a Mac again?.

I use my Windows only to play video games and for the rare need to test something on it.I cannot actually imagine working on Windows ever again.

Truly Macbooks are God's gift from heavens to earth :smiley: OK that might be a bit going too far but you got the point

Neither Forklift nor Path Finder allow one to view photo date metadata fields. It is a common misconception that a photo's Date Created = the date the photo was taken. It often is the same, but not reliably.
So because I work mainly with photos and videos, neither of those options even comes close to DOpus.
I use a PC for one key reason: The applications available for working with photos and videos. DOpus and Duplicate Cleaner Pro (by Digital Volcano) are essential to my work and are for PC only.

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As an IT professional/power user I don't like being told how to work and what to do by the vendor that makes my computer. I like to tweak my workspace in a way that works for me. Apple locks users in to their ecosystem and even go so far as to make it impossible to repair your own hardware by using things like software bricks that will keep a Macbook from booting if you so much replace the battery yourself. Their hardware is pretty but I refuse to use something so confined and locked down. The last Mac I owned was a 2012 Macbook Pro and that was actually the last model that one could open and replace the hard drive (with an SSD) or battery in. The subsequent retina model had everything glued in and soldered down. It was right after Steve died that Apple completely lost it's way in my opinion.

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Windows machines are in a weird spot. They are nowhere near as smooth or secure as a Mac would be and aren't anywhere as open as a Linux machine could ever be. So I have Windows desktop as a gaming machine instead of having a Playstation or an Xbox.

No horse for me in this debate though as I own stocks in both Apple and Microsoft.

As already mentioned above, there is no macOS equivalent of DOpus. There are a few apps that poorly attempt to be like DOpus, but literally nothing comes close. Path Finder is probably the closest, but still falls far short.

Programs like DOpus are one of the reasons why I use Windows. MacOS is too restrictive and Linux is great on servers but not great for day to day usage. There is a reason why Microsoft STILL has the marketshare that they do and such great developer support. They are extremely good at what they do. They built an operating system completely from scratch and perfected it over 20+ years. Windows NT is an incredible platform. Apple did have to purchase MacOS from NeXT back in the 1990s, modern day MacOS is descended from NeXTSTEP which itself was UNIX based. I have to give credit to Microsoft despite some of their decisions and business practices not being the best "no I don't want to switch to Microsoft Edge!"