DO Freezing up after inactivity


I have been using directory opus pro for a long time on both my laptop and desktop. A couple of years ago I built a new computer for my main desktop and I have been running into this intermittent and now more frequent issue with directory opus.

If I have directory opus open in the background and haven’t utilized it for 15 or 20 minutes while am working on other tasks or I just walk away and come back at a later time to resume work. I more often than not find that DO is frozen in the foreground or the background. The other thing I find very odd is if I have applications running in foreground of DO when I come back to resume work and click on whatever that application is, it clicks directly through the forefront application into DO in the frozen state. The only way to reactivate it or resume my work is to right-click and close DO from the task bar, when doing so it then lets me use the other applications that have been running alongside of DO. When I close the frozen DO and reopen it everything is back to normal. It’s really becoming somewhat of an annoyance at this point has I am constantly opening and closing DO.

DO works fine on my laptop so I am fairly certain it’s got something to do with my desktop. I have taken it as far as reformatting and doing a fresh install of the OS and then of DO, the problem persists. If you could shed any light or if any of the users have run into this type of an anomaly it would be great if there was a workaround.

The next time it freezes, please make some process snapshots and send them to us:

Hi Leo,

I was just wondering if the new release that was just email to me was able to address this issue that I have been have for quite sometime? Sent you the dump files on 5/17

I don't think we received any dump files. Please re-send them if they were sent via email, or let us know where to look for them if it was via another method.

(Or try the new version. It's possible we received them and fixed the issue but didn't realise they related to this thread.)

Note that we still haven't received any dumps. Please let us know where they were sent to if you have (re-)sent them.

Hi Leo,

I just resent the email with a link to the the newly created dmp files for your review. Please let me know that you have received this correspondence.

Thanks for sending those, they came through fine this time.

The snapshots don't show Opus itself doing anything. All of our threads are idle and waiting for user input. There is a thread created by Google Drive FileStream which is waiting on something as well, but I can't tell what. I don't know if it's part of the problem or not, but it may be worth a try to disable it.

Other software loaded into the process which could affect things:

  • dokan1.dll and dokannp1.dll

    I'm not sure exactly what these are, but they seem related to encrypted filesystem tools. They are in the System32 folder despite not being part of Windows, and mentioned as crashing File Explorer in at least one thread I found. If you can work out what they are part of, it may be worth a try to disable/uninstall the software they come with to see if it makes a difference.

  • sysfer.dll

    Also in System32, but not part of Windows. I think it may be part of Symantec's software, but couldn't tell conclusively.

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Several (more) DLLs from Symantec. We've seen tools like that cause strange problems a few times, so it's a possibility. But nothing conclusively points to it, at the same time.

  • Google Drive FileStream

    Has caused LOTS of strange issues and freezes in the short time it has been out. Definitely worth a try to disable it to see if it is involved.

  • Naturally Speaking

    I think this has caused some freezes in the past, and it does get involved with mouse and keyboard input, so it might be involved.

    Opus uses a lot of interconnected threads, including multiple UI threads, and this seems to confuse some software which hooks input or window actions, for some reason, so this could be an example of that.

  • Display Fusion (AppHook)

    Hooks going wrong could cause this kind of issue, so it might be worth testing. But it's also quite common, which makes it less likely to be causing a problem like this where we would have lots of other reports if other people were seeing it. (At least assuming it's up to date. DLL date is 2019 FWIW, but it may just be a component that hasn't needed changing in a while.)

  • Acronis BU / TrueImage (shell extension)

    We've seen it cause problems in the past, but not with these symptoms. Might be worth a try to disable it the shell extension using ShellExView (64-bit) in case it ends up being involved. (Same with any other shell extensions mentioned here.)

  • Adobe Acrobat DC19 (shell extension)

    Again, may be worth a quick try to disable it via ShellExView, on the off chance it's involved.

  • WinRAR (shell extension)

    Very unlikely to be involved, but may as well try disabling via ShellExView if you're disabling the others at the same time. Then turn them all back on if it doesn't make a difference.

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