DO prevents Windows from shutting down

Since I installed DO 12.33, Windows hangs every time I try to shut it down. It tells me that DO hangs, and I have to force close it to complete the shutdown.

I am on Windows 11 23H2 22631.2338

12.33 was a very minor update and won't cause that, and we have no similar reports.

Windows also has a bug where it often incorrectly reports a random program that has added a tray icon as preventing shutdown, when it's not involved at all.

If File > Exit Directory Opus hangs, send us a process snapshot of it and we can hopefully use that to tell you why it isn't exiting. But if that doesn't hang then Opus can't be blocking Windows from shutting down and it's likely the bogus message I mentioned, which will also randomly blame other processes (including parts of Windows itself sometimes) on different shutdowns.

Is this a Windows Insider Beta or the normal release that's supposed to be rolling out these days?

It's always and only DO that is blamed during the shutdown. And only since version 12.33, though I can't tell if the update to this version really was the reason, or it just happened to be around the time that I first recognized the problem.

I am running a Windows Insider Beta. Let's hope the issue disappears again, but I thought I'd just report it here in case someone has the same problem.

There seems to be an old insider used?

Insider canary = 25xxx
Older versions (dev) were mostly automatically switched to it.
(here DO 12.33 runs fine)

Insider dev = 23xxx
Intermediate version of beta and canary!

Beta chanels = 22xxx

microsoft has lost here even because overview and changes very often things
which usually do not load the correct channels!

Beta channel still has 22xxx, see Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.2338 and 22631.2338 (Beta Channel) | Windows Insider Blog
I'm running the latest beta.

Nothing related to this changed in version 12.33 of Opus. See the release notes for the full list of changes, which was minimal.

If you're seeing problems with Windows misreporting processes as blocking shutdown (which has been a problem since Windows 10 at least), and you're using a beta version of Windows, report the problem to Microsoft.

If it's like the bug I've seen in Windows 10, telling Opus not to create a Taskbar tray icon will stop Windows claiming Opus is blocking shutdown. (Although it may still blame some random other process that has added an icon down there.)

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Thanks, I will try to your advice with turning off the tray icon (there are 25 tray icons now active, so they are hardly useful for me anyway).

Yes, I know the picture, is known by the change since 03.23.

After reading the changes here is probably the current insider beta the cause!
seen various points that could trigger this.

Therefore, to test a backup of the konfi make.
Dopus completely de / install.
a factory reset of the preferences often does not help here in many cases.

First test without import of the konfi.
After the import again message present?