DO to change context menu outside of DO?

Can I use DO to change the right-click context menu globally either for Windows and/or for other applications that do not have their own custom right-click menu?

You can add context menu items via Settings > File Types.

When adding a new item, select one of the options that say they work in Explorer if you want to use them outside of Opus.

(Some of the special file types near the top of the list are Opus-specific as well.)

What I want to do is to have a custom menu that allows me to quickly navigate to a defined set of folders when other applications prompt me to save a file. I am currently using an application called Direct Folders to do this, but it's not updated and doesn't always work. Will any of the file types in that window allow me to do this? Is there any risk that customizing the "All Files and Folders" file type will remove or overwrite custom context menus in other programs? For example, would it affect the desktop context menu?

If you haven't already done so, have a look at Listary.

If they show the newer (not that new now, introduced in Windows XP or Vista, I think) dialogs with the buttons for folders on the left, you can simply drag folders into that list to customize it.

In the past, I've very much enjoyed using Quick Access Popup. The author of that program, @jnllnd, has participated in the past on these forums. The thread about his program can be found here:

And his website is here:

His program is free, works inside Open and Save As dialogs as well as DOpus listers, and is pretty customizable.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think Listary will meet my needs.