See how Quick Access Popup enhance your user experience with DOpus

It has been more than two years since I updated you with enhancements in the DOpus companion app Quick Access Popup. It was v7 at that time. QAP is now at v9.3. It would be too long to list all the new features added since then but I would at least mention:

  • Live Folders, dynamic menus refreshed as your folders content changes
  • Shared Menus, share favorites with colleagues over cloud or network drives
  • Text Snippets, Macro Snippets and Hotstrings
  • Launch Windows Apps downloaded from the Windows Store
  • User variables and Placeholders for application's parameters, start in directory, etc.
  • "In the Works" dynamic menu with folders and files you use currently, recently or frequently
  • etc...

But, most important for DOpus users is this change introduced in v9.3: the integration of the Directory Opus Favorites to the QAP menu. Your DOpus favorites can now be accessed from any window by opening your QAP menu with the Middle Mouse Button or the keyboard shortcut Windows + W (or any other trigger configured in options).

Of course, some QAP features are in duplication with DOpus features. But, more than anything, QAP is a perfect complement to DOpus. See it by yourselve in these two videos.

Quick Access Popup working with Directory Opus - Part 1/2

Quick Access Popup working with Directory Opus - Part 2/2

The freeware QAP can be downloaded from

Thanks to DOpus developers for their support when I needed help working on QAP <-> DOpus integration!



Jean, I just started exploring QAP and and wondered if it was possible to add a Lister Layouts folder with the sub menu. Couldn't figure it out myself. Thanks.

Hi John,

This could probably be done. I would need to:

  1. Get the list of layouts: it is here "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Layouts"
  2. Launch a layout from QAP using DOpusRt.exe. I tried this in the past but was not able to do it. I would need some help for this.

If this reveals to be feasible, I will add it to the QAP wishlist.


This should work:

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpusRT.exe" /acmd Prefs LAYOUT="My Layout"

PS: Don't forget layouts can be organised into sub-folders. Easy to handle, but also easy to overlook.

Thanks Leo. It worked. Testing it for layouts in sub-folders, I used "/" to concatenate sub(s) and layout name and it worked. For example: "SubFolder/Sub2/MyLayout". This is correct?

Looks fine.

Added to the wishlist with the "In progress" status:

Hi John,

Layouts are now available as a submenu in the "Directory Opus Favorites" menu in QAP v9.3.1. You can download it here:

If the "Directory Opus Favorites" menu is not in your current QAP menu, add it from the QAP Features list (in "Settings" click "Add", select "QAP Feature" type, under the "Dynamic Menus" category, select "Directory Opus Favorites" and click the "Add" button, then "Save" your settings).

Layouts are included by default under the QAP DOpus favorites menu but there is an option if you prefer not to include them if you do not use Layouts (in "Settings", click "Options" button, select "File Managers" tab, choose DOpus and see checkbox about Layouts).

Note that all layouts are displayed in this menu. QAP currently does not exclude layouts that would have the "Hide" option checked.


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Great work and FAST!. Much more useful with the lister layouts present.

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This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this Jean!

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