Quick Access Popup (aka Folders Popup) working with Directory Opus

It probably makes sense to only run DOpusRT.exe /info if you detect dopus.exe is in the process list. If there's no dopus.exe then you can assume no windows/tabs are open.

We could change DOpusRT.exe /info to do the same, but then you'd need to check the version and do different things with old & new versions, and probably still need to have code to check for dopus.exe running, so it wouldn't gain much.

This makes sense. I'll check the process list. Thanks Leo.

First, to follow-up on the previous message, QAP now checks the list of running programs and do not launch DOpus inadvertently.

Also, I take the opportunity to confirm that QAP works perfectly with DOpus 12. After a full set of tests, no change to QAP were needed thanks to DOpus team's good work. Congrats for this excellent new release!

More info here:
quickaccesspopup.com/how-to- ... ess-popup/

Second that. QAP and DOpus is a killer combo :smiley: No problems with DOpus 12 and QAP v.7.5.1. Thx to both the DOpus Team and the QAP-developer.

These tools make my workday a lot easier. :thumbsup:


Thaks for your good words, xibalba :slight_smile:

Hi Jean..... Thanks for making a very helpful tool and working with DOpus for enhanced compatibility! I'm a very long-time DOpus user and only discovered QAP a few weeks ago.

I do have a request/suggestion.......

I have been using a similar utility for years, but it hasn't been updated since 2011 - Filebox eXtender. Only one thing that I don't see in QAP that I miss: a button on the title bar. Filebox eXtender uses the favorite folder icon like so:

It has horiz/vert placement adjustments in options.

Just seems to fit my workflow better as, most often, I seem to be using mouse and don't have my hand on keyboard when wanting to access it.

Thanks for your consideration!


Hi zekeblue,

Thank you for your interest.

I never used Filebox but, as I understand it, it used a DLL file (Windows system file) that allows to "inject" features under the hood of Explorer windows or dialog boxes. Other popular products like DirectFolders do that. I don't want to use this approach in order to preserve portability, one of the appreciated qualities of Quick Access Popup. QAP is only calling standard Windows commands (using AutoHotkey). This makes QAP easier to maintain when Microsoft releases new Windows versions.

This also explains why FileBox or DirectoFolders became unstable when migrating from Windows XP and stopped being updated.

You may be interested into the product Actual File Folders (20 $) that seems to do what DirectFolders was doing. I never tried it however.

Thanks for the explanation. I understand completely.

I had a similar problem, easy access to the QAP-menu with the mouse.

Solved it with ObjectDock (a commercial Dock/MenuBar thingy, there are probably others that do the same).

In ObjectDock You can create a toolbar with all/some/one of the icons from the System Tray.
I created one showing only the QAP-icon, and have it floating at the upper edge of my screen, showing only a tiny-tiny tab.
Screenshots of the the tiny tab, icon and menu
When the mouse is moved over the tab, it drops down showing the QAP-icon, and click, the menu is there. :smiley:

I then have access to the QAP-menu no matter what program runs in the front.


Hi xibalba,

Thanks for the reference. This app is too much for my personal needs and I'm used to start QAP directly from the tray of using the middle mouse button. But users could find ObjectDock a convenient way to start QAP menu.

In this app or in any other app that would provide custom links, instead of relying to the system tray, you could use the QAPmessenger utility that was developed for Explorer context menus but that could also be useful in other situation. To show the QAP menu from any shortcut, enter the path and parameter:

"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuLaunch
"C:\Program Files\Quick Access Popup\QAPmessenger.exe" ShowMenuNavigate

This will show the QAP menu at the mouse position (or at other position as set in QAP options). ShowMenuLaunch will launch a favorite folder in a new DOpus tab (or Explorer window) and ShowMenuNavigate will change the folder in the current tab or window.


Thanks for the tip, but I can't get this to work from a dock.

When using QAPmessenger, the menu pops up and I can open/start programs, open the settings, etc.

But, if I try to open a folder or drive I get this error:
"An error occurred while trying to open this favorite. Please, try again..."

This is ONLY when I try via a shortcut on my dock.
The shortcut works normally when started as a shortcut, ie. double-click on the lnk-file :smiley:.
(So QAPmessenger, QAP Portable, DOPus and ObjectDock doesn't quite see eye to eye, lol)

Will look into it, but for now I'll stick with the "System Tray dock".


It took me some time before I was able to check this. I was not able to reproduce this issue. I could add a shortcut in a tab and open both apps, settings and folders with it (with DOpus). I had to put "ShowMenuLaunch" in the "Arguments" field of the shortcut, not in the "Link" field.

Yes, I do the same.
I'm 99.99999% sure that this is not a QAP or DOpus problem.
The shortcut work as expected outside "the dock".

Would help if You could post (or PM me) the condition/error check that triggers the error message from QAP.
It might send me in the right direction regarding what's blocking QAP from opening the folder.


This is becoming pretty specific. I'll follow up by PM.

Oops! PM are closed on this forum. I turned on the "User can email me" option (resource.dopus.com/ucp.php?i=173).

Thanks for QAP that I just discovered now, and for the idea of Quickdock...


I just posted an update on changes in Quick Access Popup since this post written a looong time ago. Changes include the integration of DOpus Favorites to the QAP menu.

More info and videos here:


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Following up on Leo's post, a quick update on QAP : Since this thread was created in 2014, Folders Popup became Quick Access Popup and has been constantly updated. As of July 2020, it is at v10.5.2. You can download it for free on www.QuickAccessPopup.com or get support on forum.quickaccesspopup.com.

And for specific info about DOpus and QAP, see:


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@jnllnd, may I suggest updating the original post with updated screenshots? The Options one looks particularly outdated and @leo used it in an FAQ post:

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Done. Thanks for your interest in QAP :slight_smile:

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