DO UI confusion/suggestion

Just some UI feedback. In the lister, if you have more tabs open than will fit in the tab bar, a double arrow appears on the right-hand side of the tab bar that opens a menu listing. I feel that the placement and icon used are very counterintuitive to me. Usually a double arrow means "shift things this direction" (or "fast forward" for video). The first time I encountered that arrow I expected the tabs to shift towards the arrow. And since I didn't see another indicator that there is a tab overflow, I might not have pressed it all because I might not have realized that there were hidden tabs. If tabs get shifted off screen to the left, I recommend having an indicator at the left of the tab bar indicating that more tabs are there, maybe even with a number indicating how many tabs are hidden. And perhaps change the double arrow icon to something that would better indicate that it opens a list of all tabs.