DO with Vmware and MAC

OK, somewhat of an odd question, but I have gone over to the dark side; I now have a Macbook Pro, running Vmware, with a Bootcamp partition and Windows 7. What this means is that I am able to run Outlook 2010 (for PC) as if it were on my Mac side. I can also run DO as if it were on the Mac side, as frankly have not found any programme quite as good as DO for dealing with files (the Mac Finder is very basic compared to DO).

What I would really like to do is run DO by double clicking the Mac desktop, as I do on the PC side....Is there anyone out there who is clever enough to write a script that I can add to the Mac side?

Secondly and much more interestingly, is there any likelyhood of DO being ported to Mac?

I will go back to hide under my Mac rock now....DO still "rocks" though!!

I think this has been asked a couple of times, & the answer was "no", which i find understandable, reading about Apples policy of forcing developers into their regulations.

On the contrary, we don't have any problems with Apple's policies towards OS X developers, and their policies towards iOS developers aren't relevant to us (and are anyway no different to Microsoft's policies toward WinRT developers).

We're not against the idea at all, and may even do it one day, but nothing is currently planned.

Oh, ok. I just remembered having read things about app developers who had to use or avoid certain tools, because Apple said so. I wouldn´t mind, if there was an Opus for all the platforms out there (even Linux :smiley:).

We're not against the idea at all, and may even do it one day, but nothing is currently planned.[/quote]

Damn!!! And there I was all ready to loosen my purse and cough up for a Mac version :smiley:

Seeing at Mac is now the "biggest" company in the World by value if not by user base, i would have thought that GPsoft would be looking at this as a possible growth area, not least because there seems to be a hole there for them to step into. The only software for Mac that I can find that even comes close to DO is Path Finder at $40USD....but that's still a poor relation to DO.

Yesterday I installed an old version of a Pathfinder trial on a friend's machine. (The reason I had to use an old trial is that on OSX, new software releases are often incompatible with the OSX version from two years earlier, and the OSX release cycle is much faster: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion...)
To call that version of Pathfinder a "poor relative" of Opus would be flattering. Maybe a poor inbred relative who got hit by a bus.

Recent Pathfinder releases must be better. I hear that Forklift is another Mac option but haven't tried it.

At any rate, the Mac user base may be large, but the real question for me is "what proportion of Mac users use files?"
Yes, I know, the question doesn't make any sense, everybody uses files. On the other hand, from doing a bit of tutoring in my spare time, I have seen that many people don't understand the word "file" (both on Mac and PC). So maybe the question with respect to potential user base would be "what proportion of Mac users know they use files?" If you're going to try to sell a file manager, that's ground zero. I'm sure a number of scientists and graphic designers who work on OSX need something else than Finder, I just don't know if that's a big number.

To me, it seems that Opus still has such untapped potential on Windows that I would not spend a minute trying to port it to another OS. Sometimes I want to drop everything and start selling Opus door-to-door. I have installed it on several machines of non-geeks (with my "intuitive toolbars"), and it amazes me that they are loving it and actually turning into "power users" within their family (all things relative). Being comfortable with files lets them tackle more complex projects, projects they would never undertake if all they knew was Windows Explorer. My feeling is that the ground around Opus is covered with straw that could catch fire anytime, and that the current Windows user base could go from 1 to 10.

If I didn't live in a small town in little New Zealand and didn't have a garden to take care of, I would consider Opus sales as a fun and rewarding career move.

Ahhhh....a DO disciple!! :wink:

Might have a look at Forklift....Can't be any worse than Path Finder....which is little better than the standard windows explorer.

We're in sync, just installed the trial on my Windows machine (which runs OSX on VMWare for educational purposes only).
At first blush, the new PathFinder looks more powerful.

Sorry, I'll take that back. I actually have no idea.

either way, DO in Mac would be something to behold....

Well, but on Mac DO could be sold for $100+, Apple users are used to pay more for less (see iP5 16GB compared to 64GB) :smiley:!

True---if you called it something like i-Pus and gave it a logo in the shape of a flower, you could probably charge twelve bucks a month for it. Especially if you made sure people knew that Steve invented it. And that it only works on a Mac.

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