DO11 bug reports

System: Windows 7 64bit
Version: DO11 beta4

bug1: In preference-file display modes-Appearance
Either Checking or not "make square" will not activate "apply" button.

bug2: cannot launch "Image conversion" tool, no dialog prompted.
In thumbnail mode, only "type conversion" is applicable.

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  1. The Make Square checkbox just ensures that the two size numbers are the same. If they are already the same then there is no change to apply. If they aren't then one of the numbers will change and the Apply button will be enabled. (The state of the Make Square checkbox itself is never saved. When you open Preferences, it is inferred to be set if the two numbers are the same, and cleared if they are not.)

  2. Confirmed! Looks like that has been broken in Beta 4. We'll get that fixed.

We've fixed the issue with the Image Conversion function and updated the installer, if you want to re-download it.

(The issue was caused by a bug in Visual Studio 2013 which we have only just started using and Microsoft seem particularly slack at fixing!)