DO11: Crash in File Types Editor

I had just deleted an extension from a File Type Group (Archives.Opus), and was also renaming it (changing the description).

I had not ok'd out of the Edit dialog - thinking I would just cancel and create a new group instead, went to move the mouse and then Opus crashed.

NOTES: I had been doing some scripting stuff, but had just fully exited and restarted Opus after cleaning out the Script AddIns folder... so I'm confident I was back to 'stable' operation before the crash. Also worth noting that I have an AutoHotkey script running the background watching dopus.lister for rocker mouse gestures. I didn't do one before the crash, but it did happen as soon as I moved the mouse. Probably not a factor - but wanted to be sure I mentioned it in case the minidump has anything weird in it.

Can send minidump wherever you want it if interested in peeking at it...

The crash dumps are definitely worth a look. Please email them to me or Jon. ( For me: )

Since yours was the email addy in my cross-hairs, on its way to you now :wink:.

I'm not sure I received the crash dump. Do you still have a copy that you could re-send?

(I've checked my spam folder + searched all through my email within a week of 20 Jan but can't find it.)

Hmmm... checking.

Sent it... got stuck in my Drafts folder.


It looks like something which could be caused by a tool hooking into the window, but I can't tell for sure.

I've still not been able to reproduce the problem by doing what you described. Was it just a one off or is it something you can still make happen now?

Hey Leo, I've seen this once or twice... but haven't been able to repro on demand.

Re: tools hooking the window, the only thing I have done myself that could be related there is a persistent autohotkey script that I have running the background to watch dopus.lister for a few rocker mouse gestures. I suppose it could still be related, but I use it all the time and I'm also in the FileType editor VERY frequently and have still only ever seen this sort of crash a few times. So I'm not sure how to prove it could be the culprit one way or another.

I'm not aware of anything I could do to gather further debug AFTER the fact either (i.e. once the crash happens - IF it happens)... are you?

Of course, it could be something else on my system as well - but there's nothing else I've done myself intentionally...

I'll try and misbehave a bit more in the editor, crazy clicking, try to screw around with the mouse more, and if I can repro reliably... I'll surely then test without my AHK script running and let you know what happens. If it turns out to be related, I'll gladly post it to AHK forums, but expect I will probably have to just live with it at that point ;-(.