DO11: editing tags, some suggestions

The tag editor should work always in "+" mode¹, so i won't accidently overwrite stuff many times. Or, there should be an undo, if thags have been overwritten accidently.
Also, the tag editor logic could be better: if i have a,b,d,e, & i want to add b,c,f,g (i've included the double "b" deliberately, bacaus that's what triggers the issue),
i will end up having b,c,f,g, but the old tags are gone. When i would have added the double "b" only, the double entry would've been ignored successfully. I think, the most
simple way would be to have an undo for tag changes.

¹ (to use the normal "+" function, i would suggest to make it "++", if necessary, to make a distinction to the normal "o" mode).

What are the "+" and "o" modes?

Adding to existing tags vs overwriting existing tags?

Yes, by "+" i mean the "add tag" mode. The "o" was just a typo, i meant actually "normal +" mode, that is, if adding tags was the default.
Anyway, a simple undo function would be the best solution, although i think the logic thing i've described could be better. I''m not even sure,
if it is the same in Opus 10. It seems to have changed in the 11er version.

To clarify the other issue i have following example:

The first set if tags is apples; bananas; cherries; guavas; kiwi fruits.

Then i add another set with tags, but accidently having a double entry: eggplants; guavas; strawberries.

If i would add "guavas" only, nothing would happen (the double entry would be ignored). But if i enter the second set, i will lose the first set of tags, instead of having them merged, ommiting
the double entry. This happens quite often, when i tag wide angle images with dozens of tag items, so it's quite easy to overlook.

Any thought s about this? I hope this bug is going to be fixed soon.

I'm still not sure what "add tag mode" is.

Are we talking about the metadata panel or using commands?

Maybe some examples of what you're doing (i.e. where you're clicking/typing the changes or which commands you're running) will help us understand what's going on.

This is the command i'm using:

@nodeselect SetAttr META "tags:{dlgstring}" Select Next

So, yes, we're talking about the command. The tag editor works fine, although a hotkey would be handy, to give the tag editor the focus (the other way around
it works, "set focus=source").

So basically it's the "arithmetics" of the tags command, i'm talking about. We have "+" to add things, & we have "-" to remove them. But sometimes, using both
commands in one go seems to stumble, especially if one of the added items is already present, which would happen, if there are lots of tags, so i can overlook
them in the file display. I already have a special layout for tagging, with a single file display which is wider, making it easier to see most of the present tags.

Anyway, what happen, if i have that already present item in the "+" section, the old tags would get completely overwritten, which is not intended. Generally,
like i've described it in the example, adding tags which are already present, will overwrite the former tags.

OK, so what exactly are you typing into the {dlgstring} prompt?

What are the tags on the file before & after? (Using an example which matches the previous answer, to make sure we're trying the right input on the right tags.)

What type of file are we talking about?

For further clarification i'd like to add following:

[quote]The first set if tags is apples; bananas; cherries; guavas; kiwi fruits.

Then i add another set with tags, but accidently having a double entry: eggplants; guavas; strawberries.[/quote]

In this case i would lose my former tags (the upper set), being replaced by the tags i've added. If i ONLY would add "guavas", which is already present
in the former list of tags, everthing works ok. So it's definitely the adding of already present tags a second time WITH addional tags, that's causing

Following example: the present tags i'm starting with are "Schienen; Münzburg; S-Bahnen; Bahnanlagen; Gebäudedetails; Bäume; Graffiti; Kräne". This list might be considerably longer.

Then i would try to add "+S-Bahnen;Pflanzen". This is literally, what i'm typing. Since "S-Bahnen" was already present, i would expect to have only "Pflanzen" added to the tags list.

Instead, all tags except the new tag "Pflanzen" would be omitted. To summarize:

Old tags: Schienen; Münzburg; S-Bahnen; Bahnanlagen; Gebäudedetails; Bäume; Graffiti; Kräne
New tags: S-Bahnen;Pflanzen
Resulting tags: Pflanzen

They are all JPGs.

Thanks, I've reproduced that now.

If you put a + before both tag names, it seems to work consistently:


We'll look into why it's not consistent when + is only used on the first tag. (I think that is an ambiguous command which may be interpreted differently in different situations, since it's saying add one tag but set another.)

Yes, thanks Leo. Looks like something has changed, because one "+" used to work, but i can use the workaround for now.

Please fix this in the next beta, it causes too much trouble.

Please don't bump threads unless there's something to add. We have a lot of issues in the pipeline.

Ok, sorry.

This bug is still there, messing up data. Will this be fixed very soon, or do i have to wait until Dopus 12? :imp:

We will fix this in the next beta.

Note however that this behaviour is not new to Opus 11, it behaves exactly the same way in Opus 10.

Oh, thanks a lot. I wasn't sure, if it was present in the 10er version, where i tagged my photo collection in the first run. I'm fine tuning the whole collection of over 23.000 photos,
adding some more tags, so i came across that issue quite often, especially when i had about 15 to 30 tags already present. In that case, it's very easy to overlook one single item, which
could trigger it.

Leo & Jon, thank you very much! :thumbsup: :arrow_right: