DO11: Feature Request - New Script Event - OnAfterRename

In different situations and contexts I have files that are in some kind related (Movie->Poster->Subtitle or Image RAW and JPG etc.). If I rename the "main" file, it would be useful if these related files get automatically renamed in the same way.
Sure, I could create such a behavior with a rename script or specialized button, but with such "special" handling I loose the comfort of inline renaming.
With a new Event "OnAfterRename", that gets triggered for every file after it got renamed no matter how, I could create flexible scripts that trigger further automatic rename actions for other/related files.

Nice idea.

Very nice indeed.. o)

I have a similar use case, which would require an "OnAfter(Un)Select" event. I handle jpgs and raws too, and when copying/moving them around it happens, that I miss to select a raw to the belonging jpg, or I miss the jpg having only selected the raw, so they eventually split up. In that "OnAfter(Un)Select" event, I would test for any jpg/raw file with same basename and automatically select this as well. Enabling/disabling this "stack"-selection mode, could be done with the new variable handling I guess.

Was there any progress on this? I could not find an event like that under the "Scripting Event" section of the documentation.

One of the uses I have in mind for an OnAfterRename script is to update the name/location of a saved hash associated with a file. I use the program Corz Checksum to generate '.hash' files that latter can be used to detect silent corruption of files.

Right now there is this small problem: when I rename or move a file on Opus, the association between that file and its hash is lost. This could be solved if, every time Opus renamed a file it also updated the association.

I wonder if that all could be avoided if the hash were saved as a alternate data stream instead of being saved in a text file. Too bad the developer of Corz Checksum said he would need a big sponsorship to implement that feature.

You can hash files and write to alternate data streams using Opus scripts, so you could probably replace Corz Checksum with a pair of script commands (one to calculate and store the hash, another to test it; or maybe a script column to show the result).

I was also thinking about another pair of simple, non-Opus scripts: one that traversed the file system and moved any '.hash' file to an ADS on the corresponding file and another that moved any '.hash' ADS to the disk as files before verification.

Doing it like this would be a bit more slow, as there would be two passes over the file system for every hash/verify operation. With a custom Opus script, it should be possible to have only one pass.

I guess I will take a look at Opus' scripting capabilities involving ADS and see what I can come up with. Thank you for the reminder.