DO11: Images toolbar appearing/disappearing automatically

Why does the Images toolbar always display when I change a folder to display in thumbnails mode. I've changed the content type to , but the toolbar keeps popping up (and then hiding when I move to another lister that is in list or details mode). I want it to stop automatically appearing. I know this is basic functionality but I thought it was controlled by the Content Type field.

That was fixed in beta 3. :bulb:

Mmmm. Pretty sure I'm on B3

Ok, sorry, maybe i mixed it up with a similar issue, that was fixed.

What was fixed in beta3 had to do with the settings under Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars... and not related to the Content Type format, no?

So on this Prefs page, be sure to set the Thumbnails drop down value to 'None'.

Thanks, that fixed it.

I think I need to go back through the Prefs top-to-bottom, even though I've been using DOpus for 8+ years. I need a refresh of what's in there.