DO11: location bar previous location visual style

Is there a possibility to make the grayed-out previous item(s) in location bar also italic? I know it's grayed-out but still I often get confused. I couldn't find anything in Preferences.

I think the only option right now is to turn them off entirely.

I went through options (page by page) and searched in help but I can't find an option to turn it off. :blush:

The manual is still being updated for the new versions but the details are in the beta release notes:

You can add noghostpath to the Location field's arguments to disable ghost paths entirely, or instead add nopreservepath if you wish to keep ghost paths when going up a level but prevent them from remaining when you switch into a new directory that has the same folders below it.

(Breadcrumbs Configuration has info on where to put the args.)

Thanks leo, this works. I hope there will be style options for ghosted paths in the future as I do like the feature itself but would need to tweak appearance to make it useful to me.

We'll probably add italics in the next beta, either as the new default or as an option. Jon coded it up as a test and it looks pretty good.

Nice! :thumbsup: Also thanks to Jon for testing my suggestion! :opusicon:

Thanks for the implemented change in beta 6 update!

I'd like to propose one additional visual tweak to the way ghosted path is displayed: make triangle/arrow after the active path also grayed-out. See attached image on which triangle/arrow I mean.

That triangle is part of the path component to its left, not the one to its right.

It appears when the current folder has sub-folders (always has, including in Opus 10) and is not part of the ghost path.