DO11: New metadata_text properties throw errors

For a sample script... see my other post about array Script Config properties object types changing after modifying them in the script configuration dialog: DO11: Scripting and arrays again :-(

In the 'Audio metadata stuff' part of the script... note that when I check for various metadata properties against a file that is NOT an audio file... I just get blank / maybe NULL returns or something and the script just moves on.

Checking for one of the new _text property variations you added in B6 throws an error and aborts the script...

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'x.metadata.audio_text' (0x800a01b6)

...this raises a few concerns. Foremost is the inherent instability that making goofs in scripts seems to cause in Opus. Of lesser but still concerning is how to avoid this? Depending on what you're trying to do, I suppose you can just check a files extension before trying to check for these metadata properties... But even then, I suppose something could break unexpectedly. If there's something you could do to allow it to pass back the same empty value that the regular metadata properties seem to be letting us get away with... it could save some headaches for unwary scripters out there :slight_smile:.

FWIW: to repro, run the VBTEST command the script I linked to above adds to Opus in a directory with a non-audio file in it. The code otherwise seems valid... if I run the VBTEST command in a directory with a real audio file (say an mp3) then that check for the 'x.metadata.audio_text.mp3track' value works fine.