DO11: suggestion for the new multi shortcuts feature

The new feature, that enables us to use two part shortcuts, is a really great enhancement. At the moment, when pushing
the first key (for example "o"), the small info at the bottom left shows something like "Alt + O, ...?", to indicate, that another
key is expected to execute the shortcut.

I think, it would make sense to have an option, which flashes an overlay, similar to that of the new copy arrow symbol,
in an unintrusive, semi-transparent way, giving us a list of available options, for about 3-5 seconds. That way we would have a summary
of those options, making it easier to learn or use the various multi shortcuts. After a while the user could probably deactivate the option
in the preferences, reverting to the simplified behavior, that we have now.

You could make the hotkey open a popup menu instead (with accelerators on the menu items acting like the second key in the original hotkey sequences).

The beta has changes which make popup menus easier to create; specifically, a nee argument for opening a popup toolbar so that it will close automatically when a command is chosen.

That sounds very promising. How would i make such a popup menu? As far as i see in the command editor,
there is no hint. I tested to put some "&" before the second character, but that doesn't do much.

Make a toolbar with the things you want in the menu, then create a hotkey (or a button on another toolbar) that uses the Toolbar command to open it as a pop-up menu. (You can do things like use POS=mouse to make it open where the mouse is.)

What exactly do you mean by popup menu? Like a drop down menu? I tried to set up a floating toolbar, which had commands with "&" accelerator keys, but i wasn´t even able to control
those accelerator keys, because the main tool bar had the focus. If i toggle on a new toolbar, i would expect it to have the focus for the accelerator keys. That´s the problem at the moment.

One of Toolbar STATE=floatactive or Toolbar FLOAT=active should give it the focus. (I'm not sure what the difference is as the FLOAT argument is brand new & I haven't explored it in detail yet. I don't think they're in the manual yet either.)

Thanks, Leo, i think i got it now. Only one thing, i have to make my own accelerator keys for the botton, like "proGrams" or "sizeRel", because
they are not visible otherwise, no highlighting. I have set up a transparent, floating autoclose toolbar, which is interesting, but a quite different way
compared to the multi shortcuts. I think, i will use a mix of both things. :thumbsup: