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DO11: Using @set to toggle Windows boot configurations?

Following up on yesterday's discussion of @set.

I got quite excited by the idea that Opus could be used to manage two lists of applications that run at start-up. Using @set in a button, you could toggle between, say, a "lean boot" and a "bells-and-whistles boot".

I started to fish around for an Opus syntax that tells a command to autorun or autostart when a lister opens, but couldn't find it. Then in Prefs / Launching Opus / Startup I noticed "Run a defined User Command", which looks like it would do the job.

Is this how you would do it?

It seems to me that these global static variables have a lot of potential and will generate a lot of ideas about new ways to use Opus. Really excited to hear people share their ideas.

The option you found in Prefs / Launching Opus / Startup runs a command when Opus i started.

If you want to run a command every time a lister opens, the new scripting interface provides an event for doing that.