DO11: where is my SFTP support gone?!


I upgraded from version 10 to 11. Not that I need any of the features of v11, nor I miss anything in v10 I used so far, but rather to show the support as I really like Opus. I even did not bothered when update messed up my toolbars - can live with that and perhaps I will fix it one day. But to my understanding something is wrong somewhere because when you upgrade you do not really expected some (fundamental to me) features are gone. So my question is - where the hell is my SFTP support I had with v10?! I can only see "This feature is not enabled by your Program Certificate" (btw this dialog is broken as hitting "GP Software" button raises "An error occured reading folder:\n General error"). If my license can be fixed, please do so as I really need SFTP almost on daily basis. But if this is not a bug but planned "feature", then I am extremely unhappy. This should be clearly stated you loose some features by ordering "upgrade". And I would like to get full refund and downgrade back to v10. I need literally 0% of new features v11 brings, but I definitely need SFTP for work.

Why so upset? As a member here for some time, you should know that you'll get help and support as good as people can do.
Your licencing issue is going go work out, I'm quite sure.
I have SFTP as well (it's called "FTP Advanced" in the licence manager if I'm correct) and did upgrade without problems.

I am upset a bit because I just urgently needed that feature while working. That's sufficient sometimes :slight_smile: And in my post there's one "if"you omited - if that's a license bug - as dev myself, I am fine with that, shit happens, fix it and we done and I am happy user again.

Your toolbars can be turned back on in a few mouse clicks:

I'm sure Jon or Greg will be able to sort out the SFTP/licence issue when they see this. (I'm not able to myself.) The upgrade process should keep add-ons, as long as the right certificate was used, so something must have gone wrong somewhere, which shouldn't be hard to fix.

(I know a few people got brand new eval certs for the beta instead of requesting ones based on their purchased certs, then used the wrong certs to get the upgrade, for example. Easy to fix once what happened is determined.)

Thanks. I did not use eval certs nor had v11 (beta) installed prior ordering upgrade

Check the "Current Certificate" page in the Licence Manager, if it says you are using your purchased certificate and that SFTP is not enabled, email

I re-fetched certificate and now it works fine. Thanks.