DO12 - And FTP issue

Hello everyone

I just download Opus 12 and install it.

Previously I used Opus 10 and Opus 11 in workplace, but now is time to get this great software and install it on home computer, so I think I'll switch from default windows explorer and lot of small programs to Directory Opus soon.

At this moment I'm testing Opus 12 on my computer at work, so I can compare previous and this version. Everything seems to be nice so far except FTP. I noticed decrease of transfer. For example - when normal upload speed was about 15 MB/s on previous versions or other ftp clients (including Windows built-in FTP), then Opus 12 works noticeable slower (about 9 MB/s). I was trying to change some settings based on some topics on this forum and I changed ftp_copy_buffer_size to some bigger value. And then it starts working after few tries on SOME servers but on others - not. Still I'm not sure that value has anything to do with this problem, because when I revert to previous value (default), transfer was remains good on some servers (not always - sometimes I must increase ftp_copy_buffer_size again to get maximum speed). I have no this problem on other ftp clients including Windows defaul or Filezilla. And all transfers in any ftp clients are similar except in DO.

Another bug that I noticed in Opus 12 (and exists in previous version) is that if I upload something big on FTP and then trying to "go up" one folder, existing transfer stops (error). I've read that Opus can only transfer one file at the time, but why can't prevent from going other folder then? When I open separate window, I can connect to the same server and everything works, so it's not problem for Opus to create another connection as I see, but handling these operations.

And I'm looking for option to remove that speed gfx graph in copy/move dialog, but I cannot find option for that.

ftp_copy_buffer_size is the main thing we'd suggest if the speed seems slow, but if that isn't helping then we don't know of better advice at the moment. It's hard to tell what may be causing a slow-down when there are so many different components involved and Opus is just one.

Re the second part, going up should not affect the transfer that is in progress, unless the server at the other end kills the connection. A server might choose to do that if it only allows one connection at a time, but it's not usual. If you hit a server's connection limit it usually means the new connection is blocked; I've never seen a server kill the old connection, but it's possible some do. The FTP Log should have more information about what happened. What does it show? (FTP > Display FTP Logs)

Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'test02.dat'.
User Aborted Transfer (<- when I click "Go Up")
Connection closed

And in dialog i have: "An error occured copying 'test02.dat': Incorrect function. (1)"

This server handles 8 connection at the same time. I check this on many other servers and it works always the same (the same bug).

I can open new lister and connect to the same server and copy second file simultaneously - and it working. I just can't go up on destination lister - connection was closed. Always.

But - surprise! I check this in dual mode and it's not happens! It's only happens when I used two separate single listers!

So - open two listers, one FTP one for files, try to copy file from computer to FTP and while uploading - try to go up one level on destination lister.

Can you reproduce problem with "Go up" based on my description?

Good is I have 60 days for testing. It's great, not like programs that block functions until you buy them.

And my 3rd question was about removing speed graph in copy/move dialog - is it somewhere in config?

No, going up while uploading to an FTP site works OK here. It's done fairly frequently.

I don't think we have had any similar reports either, so I would suspect something to do with either the server or with the firewall software on the machine possibly closing the first connection when the second is established. If it happened normally I think we would have a lot of similar reports.

There isn't an option right now but we will probably add one in the future.

But I wrote that everything works in dual mode. Problem exists if you using two separate single listers.

Apologies, I overlooked the separate windows vs dual-display aspect when trying earlier.

(One reason we ask for one question per thread, as interwoven threads make it easier to miss things, especially when we're jumping between threads and have to re-scan them to get the context back.)

I tried again with separate windows and I don't see the upload stop, but clicking Up does fail the first time and take me to my Desktop instead of the parent folder. So something is wrong there, and maybe it's just going wrong in different ways for each of us. We will investigate that and work out what's causing it.

Try to enter some subdirectory first, then upload, then go up. I think upload don't stop because your lister back to local computer. Maybe you back in history instead of go up? I made lot of tries and even install DO on different computer - the same bug.

That's what I did already. There's certainly something going wrong there for us to investigate, even if it's not doing the same thing for me, so leave it with us for now.

One more small guessing - maybe difference between your behaviour and my behaviour is that my FTP server allows multiple connection and your not in this test? That means when I try to go up - Opus stops current file transfer because second transfer to the same server is activated and there is conflict but in your case - only one connection is active so Opus just go to desktop because connection is already closed? Just guessing. I think different FTP that allows multiple connections give the same results as in my case and help to reproduce this problem better.

BTW. I check this in latest beta (12.2.3) and problem still exists. I hope is not forgotten - I just remind this one, because it's annoying bug for me. I'm using Opus in work and I check this problem - it's work there like in your case - lister goes to desktop instead of parent ftp directory, but I can return to FTP and click parent again. And none of these operations at least not break transfer. In 12.2.3 go up aborts transfer on my computer.

Please be patient and don't bump threads, as already discussed about several other of your threads. Any time you make us spend reading and replying on the forum is time you take away from actually working on the program. We don't have separate support and development staff; we do it all.

If the release notes say something was fixed but it's still a problem, then it's worth telling us about, but not if it just hasn't been fixed yet.

We're aware of the thread and it is in our list to look at in more detail. But we have a lot of other threads to look at as well. Some subjects are more complex than others, and it also pays to tackle similar problems at the same time as each other to avoid jumping around the code we're currently working on. We cannot magically fix everything within a few days of it being reported (even if we do a lot of the time; don't expect it all of the time). It is unrealistic. Nobody does that. With other software I am lucky if I even get a response, let alone a fix, within months or even years. Please don't punish us for being responsive a lot of the time by expecting us to respond instantly all of the time. And we are not writing the program just for you alone; we have thousands of users to consider, as well as all your other requests for changes and custom script-writing.

(I am also taking some time off, having crunched for the last year+, although 'time off' for me still means working on some things and answering forum threads where I can, so it might not look like it.)

FYI, thread bumps can have the effect of deprioritizing an issue. To do otherwise rewards being a "squeaky wheel" and hurts all the other users who are being patient and waiting for their issues to be looked at, some of whom have waited longer.

I have new information so I write that. If problem exists in (a little different but still) and it's more like in your case, then I think is important info that problem do not start with DO12. I'll check changelogs of course.

If behavior changed between recent versions then that's worth mentioning, as it may mean a recent change is involved and we can focus on a narrow set of changes to see if that's the case. is several years old and tens of thousands of changes different to the current codebase. It's mostly irrelevant to understanding issues in Opus 12 (although there could be a situation where it's useful information in theory; I can't rule it out entirely).

We've fixed the issue with "go up" and the fix should be part of 12.2.4 when that is released.

Nice. Thank you.

12.2.4 (beta) with the FTP / multiple windows / "go up" fix is now available.

Great! Few more fixes (I hope older posts will be cosidered too) and will be better and better. I keep my fingers crossed. :slight_smile: