DO12 - Colors


first: Thanks for removing the text-shadow in toolbar which made it look ugly on dark backgrounds. :thumbsup:

Will be there also a solution for changing border-color in statusbar and color of columns (see attached pic)? Or is this limited by OS?

These new checkboxes are hiding in Prefs:

Not sure whether to leave them tied to the panel colors or if they need to be independent. It's still a bit experimental. See what you think.

The scrollbar option will also affect scrollbars in other parts of the lister, e.g. the Find panel, and only works when visual styles are enabled and when there isn't anything like WindowBlinds overriding the normal scrollbar painting. (There's no proper way to change how a scrollbar looks, so we've had to do some funky stuff to make it possible, which has some limitations.)

With the status bar, if you set the highlight and shadow colors to the same color, I think it will stop the inner border being drawn now (and you won't get a border that is twice as thick, like before).

Thanks Leo.

After testing IMO column-colors definetely should have their own color-settings. E.g. the lister-divider (dualmode) uses same color, which again limits the color-choice.

For statusbar I don't know which color is used for highlight (in above preview I already have changed all highlight-colors).

I was wrong, the status bar border is still part of the Windows theme. No reason we can't change that though.

Maybe statusbar should work like a toolbar (like filedisplay-toolbar), which would offer lots of other possibilities. Ok, waiting for DO13 :wink:.

Status bar will be better with dark themes in 12.8.2: