DO12 - Ctrl-Alt-Z hardwired to Undo log?

Could someone kindly hit Ctrl-Alt-Z and see if their Undo log opens?

For some reason it does so on my machine, even though the hotkey is assigned to a different button.


  1. The Customize menu shows no conflict for Ctrl-Alt-Z

  2. Other Ctrl + Alt hotkeys are functioning.
  3. The Undo button looks normal:

@keydown:none Set UTILITY=Undo
4. No interference from AutoHotKey

This wasn't happening on my DO11 x Win7 machines (this is DO12 x Win10). If not a DO issue, it could be some weirdness in the laptop's keyboard driver, as for instance the left shift is not registering correctly.

I'd love to reclaim that hotkey if possible.

Here it does not! o) This is expected I guess, since there is no such hotkey defined.

Do you have anything else defined that uses Z ?

It might be the input locale (US-International) or some other things, as I notice that even the hotkey definition field does not let me enter ctrl-alt-z.
Giving up, really not a problem.

Thanks for your thoughts, guys! :slight_smile:

Could it be that the "Alt + single left click" feature (to quickly edit buttons) interferes here in some way?
I was having difficulties with hotkeys using ALT if I remember correctly, I cannot recall the exact details though.

Ctrl-Alt-Z works OK here.

You mentioned the hotkey field won't accept it either, but it must have worked there (or on a different machine) at some point, else you wouldn't have been able to set the hotkey shown in one of the screenshots?

The alt+single-click option should not affect anything other than clicking with the mouse.

My guess is that something on your system is swallowing ctrl+alt+z for its own purposes.

Spot on! The hotkey was originally set on a different machine, and the current button was created by copying the previous button in the menu, which had that shortcut (now removed).

I've heard of people having trouble with the SteelSeries drivers, so I'll try to upgrade the engine at some stage.
That keyboard is my only gripe with that laptop. They keys are very comfortable, but they decided that the Windows key needed to be on the right; that Home and End didn't deserve their own key and should be accessible via the Fn key; and other stingy choices.