DO12 - Folder Format Save Issue

The new command to save folder formats works for column structure but the current image settings aren't stored.

What do you mean by image settings?

You can set a background image for every folders. Maybe that isnĀ“t saved?

Yes, I tought of that too, but if I'm correct, these images can be set via the folder format preferences only?
If yes, I don't see how a command can be used to save the background image. Anyway, thank you. I'm sure we will find out! o)

IN Dopus 12 you can use the new command 'Set saveformat' to save a folder format without the use of the folder format dialog. It works (column structure) but it does not set the background image and image setting (tile, stretch, share, etc.)

Just for additional clarity: When using saveformat (Set SAVEFORMAT=folder,quiet,replace)
The image always resets to the standard file display image (the current custom displayed image is overwritten with the 'standard file display image' instead of being preserved).

In the next beta the Set SAVEFORMAT command will include the image settings in the format it saves.