DO12 - Hint needed when creating multiple folders

I never remember the syntax to create multiple folders. In the new folder dialog, some kind of hint like a|b|c would be helpful.

One name on each line.

Thanks Jon. I'm sure I'll forget again but it's not your fault.
Hey, I noticed that you sneaked conditional buttons into the DO12 feature set! Tried it, love it. :thumbsup:

Working on a "what's new in DO12" page at the moment, hence all the questions.

You're sample reminded me that you can now do 1 root with multiple sub folders on 1 line. Thought I'd share in-case you forgot or didn't know.

Hi Jon, thank you, I had noticed that one.

One thing that has thrown me off in the past is that after I check the "Create multiple folders" box, I don't see that I'm in a multi-line box. To get to a multi-line box, I have to press Enter, which is not intuitive (typically within a dialog that would be Shift-Enter, so the roles are reversed.) I hope I have remembered it now, but I am fairly confident that others who first tick the box will be baffled as to where to put the name of the second folder. We're so used to "Enter" being a proxy for clicking OK.

For this reason I'd still encourage some sort of hint there:

  • either inserting a blank line the very moment the check box is activated,
  • a text hint in the background of the text area, or
  • a text hint in the chrome.

Isn't the fact that the box gets a lot bigger enough of a hint?

Only reporting my experience with it over the years. I use it rarely, so I forget, and when I turn it on I forget how it works because hitting Return doesn't come to my mind.... so I use it rarely. But I could be alone in this.

Another idea for that dialog: how about making the a|b|c syntax (and top\a|b|c) available even when the box is not checked? It's such a handy shorthand -- and one less click. In that case the name of the box might need to change to something like "multi-line entry mode", as multiple folder creation would be available with or without the checkmark. Just a thought.

"Multiline entry mode" is the same thing as "multiple folder creation". You use multiple lines to enter the folder names. Splitting out the multiple mode and the checkbox wouldn't make any sense at all :slight_smile:

What I meant was that if you could just type a|b|c in the rename dialog, without checking the box, then the box currently called "multiple folder creation" could possibly be renamed, since there would be a way of creating multiple folders without checking that box. But that is a minor point. Keeping the name as it is might be less confusing, leaving the option to type a|b|c without checking the box as a shorthand for those in the know. :slight_smile:

Just a small suggestion, I don't mean to take your precious time.

Suggestions always welcome, as you know :slight_smile: