DO12 - Is it possible to combine a macro and a script?

Say I wish to do the following action within Opus 12 rename dialog

  1. rename a file using regular expressions
  2. use an existing script (currently under a button in the toolbar)
  3. rename the file back to the old name


  1. from "File 01-2015.pdf" to "File 01-01-2015.pdf" (use regex here)
  2. then apply existing script: change after date in filename
  3. then rename the file back to "File 01-2015.pdf" (use regex here)

If at all possible, this should probably be saved as a macro?


You could put the three commands into one button, yes.

But it may be better and just as easy to edit the script so it does what you want without having to rename the files back & forth.

Many thanks.