DO12 - Is Random Manual Sorting possible?

Two questions about Manual Sorting in DO12.

  1. Is there a way to randomize files/folders when Manual Sorting is turned on? I'm not looking to randomly select files to open. I'd just like a randomness of my files/folders to be all mixed up for viewing. I figure with the new Manual Sort, this could be possible (sorry, I can't write scripts). Would be great if it was a button that toggled Manual Sorting and the randomness at the same time.

  2. Where is this Manual Sorting list saved?


Update There is now a script which does this: Button: Random Shuffle

  1. You would need a script to randomise the sort. (A script could also do it via a column with random sort-as values, although using Manual Sort is possibly cleaner. A script is required in either case.

  2. The sort order is stored as NTFS metadata.

  1. Calling all helpful scriptwriters for your help! (tbone, off the top of my head) ;D

  2. I read that and I still didn't get that fact that is where it was stored (I'm slow). I like it.


  1. I have a more recent version of the CustomGrouping column set (Columns: CustomGrouping (group by SizeRange/FileTypeGroup..)). It has an additional random column, which when sorted, gives you a random list of files and folders. If you think this would be of help to you, I can upload that tomorrow.

Thanks tbone,

I guess that would work. I can't be picky if I don't know how to program now can I :wink:

I would rather use the builtin new Manual Sorting feature because it can be saved, no extra column is added, items can be moved around if needed and the icon shows if it's manual or auto or saved or unsaved.

I updated the thread now and uploaded the version I was talking about:
CustomGrouping-Columns: Columns: CustomGrouping (group by SizeRange/FileTypeGroup..)

Doing a random sort order by scripting, so it can be saved and rearranged is tempting to try, time is short here currently though! o)

There is now a Random Shuffle button for Directory Opus 12, which uses the Manual Sorting / scripting method.

Works great. Thanks Leo.