DO12 - Latest Beta (12.0.6) Crashes on Startup

I've just installed the latest beta 12.0.6 and as soon as it tries to start on Windows startup and when clicking the taskbar icon, it immediately crashes every time. I'm on an up to date Windows 10 Pro.

I went back to 12.0.5 and all is well again.

I have the same issue, windows 10 Pro x64, exactly the same message. My problem is I dont have a copy of Beta 12.0.5

Please zip and email the crash dumps to

12.0.5 installer is here.

Thanks Leo, crash dumps emailed as requested.

Is that crash dumps with 12.0.6 installed or now that I have rolled back to 12.0.5?

It would normally be crash dumps time stamped with the time of the error message.

Crashing here too. But if i start it with admin rights, it works.

Crash dumps emailed as requested.

Many thanks. We will have this fixed soon.

For a quick workaround, go to %APPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles and rename or delete iconsets.oxc (may change the toolbar icons you see if you have overridden the order or style of icon sets in Prefs, but otherwise won't change anything else).

Did you mean "iconsets.oxc"? It works anyway, thanks!

Yes. Post above corrected.

Will a new beta be out with it fixed or the current installer updated?

Confirmed, 12.0.6 working here fine after using the workaround, thanks for the quick responce guys.

Workaround not working! When setting another iconset on top it crashes again. Reverting back to previous beta.

The workaround will work as long as you don't do anything to the IconSet prefs page and causes iconsets.oxc to be re-written.

Stick with 12.0.5 for now if you plan to do that. We'll have a fixed build soon.

If you re-download 12.0.6 you should find this fixed now.

Looking good so far, thanks Leo.

Thanks Leo, just got home so will grab it now!

Working now.