DO12 - Open tabs group in bottom side

I create a tab group to display tabs in dual mode (right/bottom side) and I create a button Go TABGROUPLOAD="MyGroup" to display it.

But when I click button in single mode lister, tabs are always open in right side.

How I can always open my tabs in bottom?

I notice that if i open dual horizontal mode then close. If i run command, tabs are open in bottom.
So maybe that dual mode position could be saved in default lister?

Tab Groups only save the tabs.

The vertical/horizontal layout is part of the lister and can be saved in the Default Lister, or Layouts, or Styles.

You could also have a command which switched on dual-horizontal and then loaded the tab group, if you don't want it as your default and only want it to happen when clicking that button to load that particular tab group.

Ok, it's ok with this command

Set DUAL=horiz

But I persist, it will be good to save default dual position in default lister, like panels size, tree size....

The default lister does save those things already.

Correction: It saves the dual layout if you're in dual mode.

I'll see if we can make it save the last-used dual layout as well, even if you're not in dual mode when you save things.

We've done that for 12.0.8.

When the new version is out, you'll be able to switch to Dual Horizontal, then turn off Dual entirely, and save the Default Lister (or a named layout).

When you then re-load that lister or layout, it will use Dual Horizontal mode by when anything opens a the second file display (e.g. folder tab groups in your example). (Unless the thing opening the second file display explicitly overrides the orientation, of course.)

Excellent Leo.
Many thanks