DO12 - Rename cursor 1st pos of new name box

In case of using a preset,would it then be possible to have the cursor at the first position in the 'New name' box?

Right now the 'Old Name' is selected, so one needs to

  • click in the new name box
  • tap on Home key to get to the first position

In case of many renames this is slowing down.
Also one may tend to start typing the new name rightaway, but forget the above 2 actions, so one
may accidentally be typing in the 'Old Name' box.


If you aren't changing the Old Name field, you are presumably renaming each file one by one, by typing a new name for each file?

That is probably handled better using inline rename (F2) or the Rename SIMPLE command (which prompts for just Old Name and New Name, and puts focus on New Name when it opens).

The advanced Rename dialog is geared towards batch renaming, and used to work as you request, but several people complained that they had to move to the old name field to change it. Since you almost always need to change both Old Name and New Name to do a batch rename, and batch renaming is the usual reason to open advanced Rename, we agreed and changed it in Opus 12.

My presets usually cover batch changes, e.g. changing names of a list of screenshots, or add leading text, things like that. In my case I never go into the 'Old name' box as after all that's the stuff I want to rename using the 'new name' box, i.e. as for me, in case of presets, I don't see the reason to move around in the new box.

Anyway, bad luck for me then.
As said, I had some instances where I went on typing, noticed that nothing changed and discovered I was in the wrong box.


Just hit the tab key in that case. (Also much easier than shift+tab which would be needed to go the other way, if we changed things back.)

I tried that already before starting this thread. Regretfully that isn't a solution.

Oh .. to avoid confusion .. I have some presets configured to be used with a F-key.

So it goes like this:

  • Select files
  • F2 (launching a preset)
  • regex in the 'Old name'-box is selected (see '1')
  • hit tab (no idea where the cursor went, see '2')
  • hit tab again - text in 'New name'-box is selected, '3'
  • hit tab again - no idea about the whereabouts of the cursor, '4'

FWIW: -my- personal view is that most of the times it is more convenient to just start typing the new name
(that's the idea behind renaming), rather than do something in the 'Old name'-box, i.e. wish v12 would work the v11-way.

Anyway, I have tried to make my point.


In regex mode the menu (arrow) on the right of the Old Name field is enabled, so the first tab press gives focus to that. It should have a focus rectangle (dotted line) around it when this happens.

Ah, right, okay then.

Anyway, hope the v11 cursor position will be reconsidered.
(Same as one click on preset to show the changes, instead of 2 clicks needed right now)


We'll probably add some kind of option or way to specify what gets focus. Not sure exactly what yet as we are still considering the different ways it could work.

I have the same problem mentioned above: the new advanced Rename wakes up with the cursor in the Old Name field but I never go there because I always use the New Name field. Since it is not possible to change that behaviour at present (I hope it could be done in the future by means of a "rename awake configuration" definable by the user) and I always forget to press the TAB key being conditioned by years of use without it, I tried another solution.

I created a Rename SIMPLE button, since that kind of rename still awakes with focus in the New Name box. This alternative button works fine, but it seems there is a bug in the Rename SIMPLE command when multiple files are selected: the command executes the first rename operation and exits! All files after the first one are ignored. To Rename all the files selected I must press the button for each single rename operation...

Please help if I am in error or correct the bug! :frowning:

Rename scripts can specify which control is initially active now, so you could make your rename button open the dialog with a preset that has a script which does that and nothing else.

It's done via GetCustomFieldData.focus="!newname" added in Opus 12.2.

Alas! I'm not a high level user... I would like to use GetCustomFieldData.focus="!newname" but I need more specific instructions about setting a Rename script.

Well, I just read many posts about scripting and Rename in the relevant areas of the forum. I have a programming experience with FORTRAN and BASIC up to 1990 and with the REXX scripting language since then. So VBSCRIPT scripts are not completely alien for me. I created a new DOpus button and tried to use it with the following code (and several variations obtained by adding, removing, commenting or decommenting lines):

@script vbscript
option explicit
' Function Rename_GetNewName ( strFileName, strFullPath, fIsFolder, strOldName, ByRef strNewName )
Function OnGetCustomFields(ByRef getFieldData)
End Function

Of course it does not work because I know that there are initialization, coherence, and ordering problems in the code due to my null experience with the logic and the structures of DOpus and VBSCRIPT. Examples reported in "Help & Support" about Rename and scripting do not help me because they are either trivial or too much advanced for me. I presume that a few sentences about the logic that should be adopted for the solution can illuminate me. Somebody can help, please? Thank you in advance.

Me too.
I have a simple rename defined under F2 reading

rename INLINE=single ADVANCED PRESET=Snagit-Counter @nodeselect Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.+?)-[0-9 -]+.(jpg|png)" TO \1\\\0

it is nothing special, but I am using it often.

Where do I add this GetCustomFieldData.focus="!newname"


This getcustomfielddata thing may be helpful in some scripting scenarios, but actually I am pleading to get it the way as with v11
(without workarounds, I mean)

In the next version we'll add an option to let you select whether the old or new name fields have focus by default.

Many thanks indeed!